Paranormal Activity: Vote NOW!


Your Top 20 came up with the eeriest, creepiest, and most supernatural looks for Round 2: Paranormal Activity! Can YOU handle watching all their videos in a row!? Get spooked out by your Top 20 contestants and make sure to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for your favorite pick!

Give it up for your Top 20: @cameronpulido, @courtneylittlemua, @elsarhae, @erin_timony, @Glammakeupbycg, @glitterforever17, @hellofritzie, @howtobyjordan, @ittybittyannie, @jamiepaigebeauty, @jordanhanz, @kalei_lagunero, @keepcalmandblushon, @kristenxleanne, @lilmissmegsmakeup, @lolo_love85, @luhhsettyxo, @minsooky, @misskmariexo, @ms.jasminerose, @mykie_, @nijigasumi, @patrickstarrr, @rosymcmichael, @simplyymarilyn__, @Staytruesailor, @stephanienadia, @syntheticcdoll, @thegalsguide


Introducing Judge: Grav3yardgirl!


Our 4th Annual NYX FACE Awards 2015 live show is officially only two months away… And we’ve got some exciting judges to announce!!

First, let’s introduce.. Grav3yardgirl! This Texan native, also known as SWAMP QUEEN, has over five million subscribers on YouTube and is SO excited to join the esteemed panel of judges for our competition. She’s ready to hurry and meet the Top Six, so make sure YOU vote for your favorite beauty vlogger! Support and VOTE for your top picks to make sure they make it to our finale!

Challenge 2: Paranormal Activity

Eerily unexplainable hauntings, supernatural sightings, mystifying tutorials! Our Top 20 contestants are ready for their next challenge: Paranormal Activity! Watch what's coming up next for our Top 20 by our very own NYX FACE Awards 2012 Winner, Charismastar!

Introducing: Your Top 20!

Say hello to your official Top 20! You viewed, you voted, you brought these beauty vloggers to the top! They impressed you with their Timeless Beauty challenge; now let's see if they can step it up once more for our 2nd challenge!

Help support this year's contestants to make sure your favorite Beauty Vlogger makes it to the finale! @cameronpulido, @courtneylittlemua, @elsarhae, @erin_timony, @Glammakeupbycg, @glitterforever17, @hellofritzie, @howtobyjordan, @ittybittyannie, @jamiepaigebeauty, @jordanhanz, @kalei_lagunero, @keepcalmandblushon, @kristenxleanne, @lilmissmegsmakeup, @lolo_love85, @luhhsettyxo, @minsooky, @misskmariexo, @ms.jasminerose, @mykie_, @nijigasumi, @patrickstarrr, @rosymcmichael, @simplyymarilyn__, @Staytruesailor, @stephanienadia, @syntheticcdoll, @thegalsguide

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