If you’ve always aspired to create YouTube videos and are finally ready to take the leap, it’s probably time to make a game plan, especially if you’re on a tighter budget! Keep reading for some starter tips and, as you start this journey, remember this: “It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have.”

Find Your Look


Let’s start with what you can do for free: Visualize what you want your videos to look like. As an exercise and to map out your own content, visit your favorite YouTube channels and videos and take notes on what you admire about them. For example, does the vlogger have a fun background or intro that showcases their personality in a memorable way?

Get Yourself a Camera + Tripod


You can totally shoot great videos on your phone as many models offer beautiful HD video capabilities. If you’re on the hunt for an actual HD camera or DSLR camera, though, there are plenty on the market to fit your budget and goals. Go online and visit your local camera stores to ask for help! The same goes for tripods! (You can find some for $10!) Doing proper research will help you save those dollars.

Lighting is EVERYTHING


What goes before camera and action? Well LIGHTS, of course! Think about it: When you’re taking a selfie and you want to capture your best side, you tend to gravitate toward good lighting, right? When you’re shooting your videos, you want to keep this same idea in mind. If you’re filming a makeup tutorial, you want to ensure that your viewers will be able to clearly see what you’re doing! There are lighting kits available online, but if you don’t want to buy lights just yet, you can film by a window for soft, natural lighting or strategically place a few lamps near you when you’re ready to hit that record button. Get someone to act as your model as you play with your lighting setup.

Get Creative with DIY Projects


When you’re just starting out, have fun discovering ways that you can amp up your videos, such as DIY video production projects. There are a plethora of videos and curated playlists waiting for you to watch on—where else—YouTube!

Get Your Edit On


You don’t have to be an editing pro, but as we mentioned before, you should re-visit some of your favorite videos for inspiration. Pay attention to how the vlogger cuts and transitions if there are multiple scenes in the video. Whether you’re a Windows or Apple user, you can find free video editing software online! And once again—YouTube can help teach you how to use these programs.

Keep Learning and Researching


The common theme in all of our tips is to learn and experiment! In order to evolve and improve, you should never stop learning! Become a sponge and absorb all that you can. Believe in yourself, in your abilities, and what you have to share with the world, and you’ll be good to go! Good luck, superstars!

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